Aura of lives, highrise of hives

Aspirant dreams and nihilist screams

The cryptic, the caustic, cacophony world

Of lovers unloved, of anguish unfurled

The questions, the pleas of toxicant trees

The empty, the void of an era destroyed

The entropy story of careless decay

The inhuman human’s demented display

The arid, the putrid, eternally stupid

The newly dystopic, historic myopic

The logos of light and the silicon blight

The flash of fluorescence, the pall of the trite

To counter the shock, the sizzle of wok

To sit, to confess, to confide, to digress   

The momentary friendship, the truth of the lies  

The restless, the sleepless, the murmur of sighs

Another day’s warning, I mourn for the morning

The myriad grays of hazardous haze

The crisis of crass through layers of glass

I ache for the memoried scent of the grass 

The carbonized cloud, the cancerous shroud

The effluent waste, insanity haste

The hyper, the hectic, the rant and the vent

The deafening discourse of sad discontent

The frienzied, the frantic, the drastic pedantic

The drift and the shift and the widening rift 

The massive, the passive, in sync yet apart

The birth that will end and the death that will start

The faces, the fears, eclipse of the years

Fiasco of hope and the failure to cope

Emotional drought and the seasons of doubt

The drive to survive feeds my need to get out

Verse written in Beijing against the choking pollution,

which later inspired my novel “Death by Harmony”.

As presented live at the “Lawn Chair Soirée”, Montreal, 2017