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"A brilliantly conceived trilogy. Even though the novels are political thrillers, they shed light on history, the Cold War, and an American tragedy as accurately and dramatically as any scholarly history book. These are stories we all know but the facts uncovered are a first-time revelation for most of us. The Kennedy Trilogy is a joy to read.”

Caleb Pirtle, Editor, Book of the Moment

"A political spy thriller set in 1960's Berlin. The author has cleverly woven historical fact with fiction to present a glimpse of life in Berlin when the wall was erected, and a brief insight into the Cold War as seen from the Kennedy White House."

"A spy thriller with a difference. Real events and conversations between the President and his brother ring true. The novel is easy reading. It's one of a kind. I could easily see this as a serious spy thriller on celluloid. I enjoyed it."

Rikki White, book blogger, Amazon & Goodreads

"Leon Berger has clearly shown how fragile political and international relationships were. This backdrop to the spy element of the story adds all the necessary tension and drama required to make a very good novel."

John Johnstone, book blogger, Goodreads

"Berger is immensely engaging."

Donald Brown, Time magazine 




STANDOFF at the Berlin wall

While the construction of the Berlin Wall becomes the first major crisis of the JFK presidency, young CIA agent Philip Marsden is sent on his first mission across into the Soviet sector of East Berlin, where he finally learns the truth about his Russian-born mother.

“Deftly written. I remember the events related to this novel. Kudos!”

Bill Young, former 2nd. Lt. US Army Infantry, stationed in Berlin at the time

"Very skilful job of blending the fictional with the factual. Captures the personas of the historical figures. Really enjoyed it."

Tod Hoffman, ex-officer CSIS, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and author of "The Spy Within," a non-fiction account of US domestic espionage