“I was intrigued from the very first page.”

Stefan Lesniak, ‘Schindler’s list’ survivor of Auschwitz.


“Listen, but be careful. I am dangerous. I am infinitely more dangerous today with my flashing machete of words than I ever was with my SS dagger.”

The protagonist is the aging Horst Gerhard Schneider, once a naive young SS recruit and chauffeur to the infamous Reinhard Heydrich, head of Third Reich central security, instigator of the Holocaust and known even in the SS as “The God of Death.”

Today, Horst lives in poverty and off the grid in an anonymous North American city. But when neo-Nazism begins to take hold in his town – and in the mind of a young neighbor – Horst must directly confront the demons of his own youth.

What makes a young man turn to such evil? How can he be so easily led? Guilt and wisdom, memory and metamorphosis, propel this narrative to its shattering conclusion.

Author’s note

How is it possible to sum up Nazism? Or the Holocaust? How can anyone even begin to probe a subject so monumental?

This was a difficult and profound project. Half my family perished in the camps. To prepare, I had to delve into my own roots, perhaps deeper than I would have liked. For authenticity, I relied on personal survivor testimonies, supporting these living witnesses with a library of authoritative volumes, tracts, articles and archives.

Without wishing to descend into cliché, I can honestly say that writing this book was a heart-rending journey and it affected me greatly.


ECW Press, Canada


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