“This fast-paced, entertaining spy thriller moves among Moscow, Paris, London and Berlin, and features a Cold War blend of sex, violence and betrayal.”

Globe and Mail

“Dialogue crackles off the page.”

Montreal Review of Books

“An intelligent spy thriller, THE KREMLIN BETRAYAL was impossible to put down. Berger has pulled off the difficult task of plausibly imagining how history might have been."

Tod Hoffman, former officer in the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and author of ‘Le Carré's Landscape’ and ‘The Spy Within’.

"A great read! From the first page, THE KREMLIN BETRAYAL grabs you and pulls you in to a fusion of shadowy intrigue, edgy suspense and unerring contextual authenticity. Rivals the best of Le Carré or Forsyth."

Anthony Horton, author of acclaimed thriller ‘Animal Instincts.’


Joseph Stalin was arguably the world's bloodiest dictator, killing up to 30 million of his own Soviet people. After three decades in power, he finally died in 1953 – but was it from natural causes or assassination by his own ministers? Even now, historians debate the point.

Set in Moscow, Berlin, London and Paris, THE KREMLIN BETRAYAL is early Cold War intrigue of the highest order.

The protagonist is a scruffy, savvy Canadian expatriate, Edmund Albert Schaeffer, a world-weary hack journalist. When he meets up again with his pre-war Berlin flame, Katharina Vollbrecht, he discovers she's now an operative for the Gehlen Organization – the real-life West German intelligence agency which was paid by the CIA to spy on the Soviets, even as it harboured ex members of the Nazi SS. Inevitably, he's drawn in to the plot to kill Stalin by a deadly combination of incentive and longing, without fully realizing either the stakes or the consequences.

Crammed with secrets and lies, action and espionage, sex and violence, THE KREMLIN BETRAYAL is a fine sequel to THE BERLIN DOSSIER, yet stands as a highly readable novel in its own right.

Author’s note

I received some encouraging feedback for THE BERLIN DOSSIER, so I decided to write a post-war sequel with the same, everyman hero.

The problem in starting out was that so much Cold War fiction has been of the James Bond kind, with a simplistic "us-versus-them" attitude. In fact, the truth was far more complex – and a great deal more fascinating.

So while I tried to keep the book entertaining with its share of violent action, secret intrigue and an assortment of interesting characters, I also wanted to bring out the fluid and often paradoxical nature of the geo-political situation. Here in the gray zones, things were not quite so obvious. Some played both sides, some were just trying to survive and, for others, the war was still not completely over.

In terms of style, I've taken to calling both THE BERLIN DOSSIER and THE KREMLIN BETRAYAL "docudrama thrillers" for their blend of factual events and fictional interwoven plot.   

I also designed the cover, taking my typographical cue from the shadow in the old Moscow photo.


Loon In Balloon, Canada

Orizonturi, Rumania


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