“Evocative with haunting undertones. It’s also smart, tight and a solid read.”

Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan, author of best-selling thriller ‘Cutting Corners.’

“A spine-chilling ride through one of the most dangerous periods in human history. Berger makes us believe we are there. A spellbinding read.”

Hugh MacDonald, author of ‘Cold Against The Heart’ and ‘Murder at Mussel Cove.’

“What a classic thriller should be.”

Brian Orend, author of ‘The Morality of War.’

“One of the most refreshing books I’ve read in a long time. Hard to put away at the end of the night without wanting to read more.”

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Set in Berlin 1938 and impeccably researched, THE BERLIN DOSSIER richly evokes the true atmosphere of the era, not just the menace and depravity but also the ruthless intrigue.

The protagonist is Edmund Albert Schaeffer, a German-Canadian emigré who struggles to make a living as a small-time freelance journalist. When he happens to meet the beautiful, high-born Katharina Vollbrecht, he's drawn into a deadly plot involving key members of the Nazi hierarchy, each conspiring to be Hitler’s successor. Himmler and Göring, Heydrich and Canaris... they’re all here, with their real-life personalities and cold-blooded machinations.

A gripping novel of love and loss, sex and violence, friendship and betrayal, THE BERLIN DOSSIER will have you turning the pages to its pulse-pounding climax.

Author’s note

This is the kind of book I always wanted to write. It’s a thriller but not in the usual mass-market sense.

I was deliberately seeking an evocative attitude that would make it come alive – the feeling of being on the Berlin streets, the oppressive experience of living under the swastika. And rather than fall back on a typically cartoonish portrayal of the Nazis, I wanted to recreate the deep political maneuverings and shrewd intrigue of the period.

For inspiration and style, I turned to writers like Graham Greene and Eric Ambler, as well as classic movies such as “Casablanca” and “Cabaret.”

I also designed the cover, building the typography around this rare image of Hitler addressing the Reichstag.


Loon In Balloon, Canada

Orizonturi, Rumania


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Also published in Rumanian