An outrageous take on the American tabloid subculture, as well as a classic “pulp fiction” detective story in its own right.

The murder victim is Tabloid Max, a sleazy tabloid journalist who took advantage of his offbeat interview subjects – so when Max is found dead at his own retirement party in an Atlantic City mob casino, they all fall under immediate suspicion: the Nazi who became a rabbi, the hooker who became a cosmetics queen, the sensitive sumo wrestler, the incompatible biker couple, the 100 year-old man abducted by aliens and many more.

The story is narrated by the victim’s nephew, Arnie Kowalski, a crippled ex-cop with a chip on his shoulder, who is hired by the casino’s Mafia boss to investigate the murder. With the help of trash-talking girlfriend Charlene, Arnie unravels the mystery and, in a thrilling climax, arrives at a very surprising conclusion.

Author’s note

This is the most fun I ever had writing a book.

Having also written novels like GLOBO SAPIENS and THE WAR CRIMINAL, I’m occasionally asked how the same person could come up with TABLOID TRASH. However, it’s the question itself that I find intriguing. For some reason, it’s accepted that, say, film-makers can make many different types of movie and architects can design different styles of building, yet authors are expected to stay within the same genre and I’m not sure why this should be. It certainly isn’t true in my case.

As regards the answer, I can only say that a career in advertising is certainly training enough to come up with something as crazy as this.


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