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“Very well written.”

“I really enjoyed this book.”

“Very good storytelling style.”

“The story kept my attention throughout.”

“Nice ending that I wouldn’t have guessed or expected.”

“The characters – horses and humans – are likeable.”

“I love animal stories and this was a good one.”

“A gentle, heartwarming read.”

“I read it in one day.”


“I love this book... definitely a keeper.”


Inspired by a true story, this bittersweet chronicle of how an eccentric working horse finally gains his freedom was inspired by the characteristics of a real animal.

The locations, the ancient stable and the plotline of redevelopment in the midst of city corruption were also based on truth, through personal research, interviews and archives.

Author’s note

Of all the novels, this was one of the most touching to research and write.

I was inspired primarily by a draft horse called Catharie, owned by my friend Bill Demers of West Brome, Quebec. She was a big horse, independent, stubborn and eccentric, living a comfortably pampered life on his country property. Most of the time, she roamed freely around the field.

For the sake of the story, I transferred the location to the heart of Montreal. There was indeed an Irish-run stable just like the one I describe, in an area the developers had been eyeing for years.

I threw all these facts together, added a believably flawed cast of characters and emerged with this novel.


Grey Gecko Press, U.S.


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Winner: 2013 Independent Book Publisher Awards

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The author with the horse that inspired the book.

“Just finished reading your excellent book. Your explicit and implied descriptions of the man / horse relationship brought a tear to my eye....thank you”

Art Roberts, former professional horse farrier

“Great book, loved the story, couldn’t stop reading.”

Lionel Foster, horse owner, trainer and racer

“Horse is a heartwarming tale of friendship, loss and triumph over seemingly impossible odds. Thoroughly enjoyable, especially for any animal lover.”

Jason Kristopher, author of “Dying of the Light”.