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“Every Friday for the last 25 years of her life, I had lunch with Charlotte.

To all appearances, she was a strong and dignified survivor with old-world courtesies, a twinkling sense of humor and a lilting Austrian syntax. She’d survived Nazi-occupied Vienna, the London blitz and a Montreal sweatshop, yet deep within, she was scarred by a even more profound trauma.

Finally, just before she died at the age of 91, she chose to entrust me with this dark secret and all at once I understood how it had affected her entire adult life.

Every aspect of her extraordinary story is just as she related it to me, yet it wasn’t an easy project. Charlotte told me her anecdotes haphazardly over a quarter century, a piece here, a fragment there, sometimes repeating herself, sometimes going back to correct herself.

That’s why I asked Julie Guinard, curator at the Montreal Holocaust Centre, to check the first draft and it was her positive feedback that encouraged me to finish it up.

Immense gratitude also goes to Jason Aydelotte at Grey Gecko Press for bringing the book to life, as well as to Serge Laforest and his team at Audio Z for producing the audiobook.”

“I was moved by Mrs. Urban’s ability to adapt to every situation thrown her way. Her life was not easy and continued to be a challenge. I shed tears at the end, my heart going out to the woman who merely wanted to find a place of belonging. With so much taken from her, Charlotte persevered. Lunch with Charlotte is an inspiring tale and very well worth a read.”

“I was truly touched by it. Thanks for bringing her story to life.”

Marie-Claude Ducas, Info-Presse

“It's a real pleasure to read such a well-written story. I like the way the story alternates between the past and the meetings with Charlotte. It gives me a good idea of Charlotte as a person and not only as a character in a book. It also gives the text a real energy. I find that the description of the ‘moods' of the different eras is well conveyed and I'm impressed by the descriptions of life in Vienna and in London. It does not feel invented but real.”

Julie Guinard, Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre

“Kudos for a biography that, at its conclusion, left it hard to return to the more mundane aspects of ordinary life. That is powerful testimony to the emotions of Charlotte’s story.” 

Roger Radford, former foreign correspondent, Reuters

“Lunch with Charlotte is one of the most powerful and moving books I’ve ever read. Tragedy, loss, heartache... and through it all, dignity and courage. This is a tale not to be missed.”

Jason Kristopher, author of “Dying of the Light”

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The author with Charlotte, 2009. Photo: Serge Laforest

Also publsihed in Italian

“Lunch with Charlotte is an inspiring tale and very well worth a read”

Heather Osborne, Readers’ Favorite 5-star review