“Gentle, witty, beautifully written and slightly disturbing.”

Douglas McArthur, Globe and Mail

“Berger is immensely entertaining and engaging. Really captures the essence of that special mortal who makes a living by frequently traveling and adapting to different cultures, time zones and business challenges.”

Donald Brown, Time magazine

the most globalized man on THE PLANET

His name is Isaac Enriquez and he’s of mixed parentage, mixed religion and mixed everything else. He’s lived on several continents and now he has a global career that involves him in a frenetic life of jet lag and e-mail.

As we meet Isaac, his lifelong identity crisis is just reaching its climax and suddenly an ordinary business trip becomes a search for answers. Is he an oddity – or is he merely the forerunner of an entirely new species of human that he calls ‘Globo Sapiens?’

From the author...

“I wrote this book when I finally returned to Canada from Asia. I was burned out from decades of global wanderings, during which time I worked in over 50 countries across 5 continents. Along the way, I made many friends, absorbed dozens of cultures and saw life from a billion points-of-view.

The only way I could make sense of it all was to sit down and write it out. Eventually, these jottings turned into my first published novel.

Appropriately, I suppose, it’s autobiographical, in the sense that I had the same career as the protagonist, the multiple locations are first-hand accounts and the characters portrayed are all based on real acquaintances.”

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Also published in German