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Tense, authentic, compelling – a tumultuous 24 hours in Beijing, as witnessed by those involved

Each year, howling winds from the Gobi send desert grit swirling into Beijing which then mixes with the existing pollution, causing fluorescent yellow skies and a toxic, throat-burning smog.

On one such day in March, youthful activists demonstrate against the environmental conditions by gathering in Tiananmen Square, right outside the Great Hall of the People where the National Congress is in session.

They are understandably fearful of what can happen to protesters in China, but none could have predicted the unthinkable scenario and far-reaching climax which takes place during that single 24 hour period.

Based on true experience

During his many years in Beijing, the author experienced every aspect of that vast city, including the climatic conditions described.

Many of the people he befriended chose to confide in him, enabling him to gain an insider’s view of the culture, the complexities and above all, the inhabitants themselves, whose real life challenges are faithfully recorded in this profound novel.

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“Great book that gradually builds to a significant day. The diction is exceptional and the imagery vivid. I would highly recommend this novel when published”

“Berger is immensely engaging”

Tod Hoffman, formerly of the Canadian Security & Intelligence Service and acclaimed author of “The Spy Within”, a factual account of Chinese clandestine activities

Donald Brown, Time

Independent pre-launch review

“Quite exceptional”

Joe Der, Chinese-born meteorologist

“Fascinating, well-researched. Read it in two sittings”

“The writing is good. The narrative is great.

This is an important book. The world just doesn’t know it yet.”

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