A tumultuous 24 hours in Beijing,

as witnessed by those involved

Each year, howling winds from the Gobi send desert grit swirling into Beijing which then mixes with the existing pollution, causing fluorescent yellow skies and a toxic, throat-burning smog.

On one such day in March, youthful activists demonstrate against the environmental conditions by gathering in Tiananmen Square, right outside the Great Hall of the People where the National Congress is in session.

They are understandably fearful of what can happen to protesters in China, but none could have predicted the unthinkable scenario and far-reaching climax which takes place during that single 24 hour period.

Based on true experience

During his many years in Beijing, the author experienced every aspect of that vast city, including the climatic conditions described.

Many of the people he befriended chose to confide in him, enabling him to gain an insider’s view of the culture, the complexities and above all, the inhabitants themselves, whose real life challenges are faithfully recorded in this profound novel.


“Berger is immensely engaging”

Tod Hoffman, formerly of the Canadian Security & Intelligence Service and acclaimed author of “The Spy Within”, a factual account of Chinese clandestine activities

Donald Brown, Time

“Quite exceptional”

Joe Der, Chinese-born meteorologist

“Fascinating, well-researched. Read it in two sittings”

Death by Harmony is the best portrayal of modern Chinese life I have ever read.

The characters are what resonate the most with me. I love the way Leon Berger portrays Zhao, Liang, Chen, and all the other characters. I have met these characters and, unlike many characters from America and other countries that I have met, this is my first time seeing them in a book. It gives me hope. It makes me happy.

The writing is good. The narrative is great. I know these people. I know this government, and I know this city. I know this plot. This is an important book. The world just doesn't know it yet. “

5-star reviews FROM Readers’ Favorite



“The writing is good. The narrative is great. This is an important book. The world just doesn’t know it yet.”

Ray Simmonds, Readers’ Favorite 5-star review

“Death By Harmony by Leon Berger is an intense multi-character novel that is based on real experiences of people. The novel shows the most terrifyingly accurate things that can happen to us.

Everything mentioned in this novel, from the environmental impact to people standing up for what they believe in, I can see it happening in our near future and seeing us suffer because of it. What makes this novel absolutely chilling is that I can see myself and my friends in place of these characters, which just makes this even more real.

Even though this novel is written from the perspectives of multiple characters, I had no problem connecting with the story. This fast paced novel covers the toughest 24 hours in the lives of these characters and does them justice. Every single character was given their due page space and given the opportunity to grow and show their integrity. I enjoyed how the author was able to convey such a strong message so effortlessly and make a difference at the same time.“

“I enjoyed how the author was able to convey such a strong message so effortlessly.”

Rabia Tanveer, Readers’ Favorite 5-star review

“There are successful novels and there are great novels.

This is a great novel”

Vincent Dublado, Readers’ Favorite 5-star review

“Though the book is a work of fiction, the scenarios encapsulate the true face of China that it desperately conceals from the outside world. We look inside a world of coal-fired plants, automotive gridlocks, deforestation, military arrests, corrupt ministries, and cyclones of sand.

Mr. Berger’s years of living in China have allowed him to assimilate the local culture, make friends with locals, and get fully oriented with the country’s social and political policies dictated by arbitrary powers. His novel masterfully shifts from one character introspection to another, as these characters’ lives are intertwined from a deep, personal grievance against the regime. 

This novel will not only leave you entertained but leave you critical as well. There are successful novels and there are great novels. Death by Harmony is a great novel.”