Even as a kid, I liked words and images. But I was raised in a struggling immigrant family, so I needed to earn a living. By working at an ad agency, I found I could enjoy both.

Today, after an extensive career based in London, Montreal, New York, Singapore and Beijing, I’m fortunate that I can now indulge these two original passions in my own way.

Since returning to Canada, I've had 12 books published, including 2 Amazon bestsellers.

3 have won international awards, several have been translated

and I’ve been honoured by hundreds of 5-star reviews.

A couple of images have also won contests but for me, photography is still more of an enthusiastic hobby than a professional endeavour.

Thanks for your interest. Your feedback is always welcome: lberger@videotron.ca

Art college, U.K., 1969

At home in Canada, 1985